Find clarity in the past, present, and future
of your real estate

Legal issues in real estate can be complicated. An incorrect filing of a title somewhere along the way or a verbal agreement about family property that never made it into writing can be challenging to navigate. We help sort out title issues, negotiate agreements for investors, ensure legal transfers of property, and much more. 

Title Resolution

Many real estate issues tie back to title issues. We can help resolve title issues to ensure clarity for the past, present, and future. 

Property/Deed Transfers

We can help ensure that property transfers among family members or for business interests are done correctly.

Contract Negotiations

Whether for investment properties or a primary residence, we can help with real estate contract review and negotiations. 

While we can help with many areas of real estate law, we don’t offer legal services for boundary disputes, evictions, or landlord-tenant law. However, we may be able to refer you to another firm for those services. 

Our Real Estate Process

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Schedule a consultation

Real estate issues range from relatively simple quiet title suits to much more complex situations. The free consultation helps us understand your issue and provide an estimate on project scope.

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Take necessary legal action

We’ll gather the paperwork and other materials needed to resolve a title issue, transfer a deed, or negotiate a contract. We’ll talk you through each step of our process so you always know where things stand.

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Gain confidence and clarity

When we’re finished, you’ll know that your assets and your future are secure, whether it’s ownership of a family property passed down through the generations or a clear title on an investment property. 

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